My Disk Space is full. What can I do?

There are different options for you to work with when your CodeGuard disk space is full. Please see below the different options.
  1. You can decide to upgrade your CodeGuard plan. This will enable you have more disk space than the previous plan. You may open a ticket to request for an upgrade.
  2. You can decide to delete old backups from your account.
  3. You can also decide to reduce the number of files and folders being backed up. This however means that you will have to delete a website and re-add it, and then select the fewer folders. You can decide to remove files or folders that have very large videos and images.
    You can also remove websites and databases you no longer use or need from your account.
If an account remains over quota for an extended period of time, backups will be turned off for all websites and databases in the account until one of the above actions is taken.

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